Huntersville raised, bleeds Tar Heel blue. Science buff and history junkie. Hardcore foodie who you might find foraging for unique ingredients for both cooking and brewing. His love of fermentation extends way beyond beer: think kombucha, fermented sausages, pickles, and hot sauces. After years of homebrewers’ clubs and competitions, he walked away from his investment banking job to immerse himself in the beer industry. AKA: Bartending, keg washing, and hand-filling and labeling a whole lot of bottles. He graduated from the Siebel Institute Master Brewing program and his commitment to education is evident based on his incessant craft quizzing of Team Town. Brian brewed at Foothills Brewing and helped launch Georgia-based startup, Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co., before (Charlotte)Town called him back home. He has a soft spot for dogs, rescuing a feisty beagle who has a nose for some eggnog, but luckily leaves the beer to her owner.


Pennsylvania native (Go Birds). He credits being in the kitchen with his Nan Nan, Mamaw, and Great Aunt Joyce at an early age for his love of food (and his figure). His first memory of cooking was picking apples on his grandparents farm to make applesauce with his Nan Nan at age three — a far cry from the beer braised beef tongue tacos and headcheese meatballs you might find him whipping up today. He arrived in NC with his wife, Sarahbeth, in 2015 and the local craft beer scene quickly had him drooling with the variety of brews available to manipulate the flavors in his food. As our luck would have it, this former Sous Chef at Troegs Brewing Company vowed then to find his way back into a brewery kitchen. Seth puts breakfast up on a pedestal, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, believes ‘love’ is a necessary ingredient in every dish — “You can tell when the person who made your food doesn’t care about it.” He hates snakes, unapologetically loves professional wrestling, and fears shaving his handlebar mustache will break his own heart.


Virginia native, Hokie faithful. This outdoor fiend loves everything from snowboarding, to hiking, to crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay. He majored in food science with a focus on pasteurized process cheese sauce and powdered beverages; we have him to thank for Strawberry Watermelon Crystal Light. Ever thirsty … for knowledge … Greg traveled cross country to attend the Master Brewers Program at UC-Davis Extension before earning a Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in England. He joined Team Town after honing his skills at Seaboard Brewing in Matthews. He is tight with local craft maltsters, passionate about using their products to create unique flavor profiles only available in NC. His hidden talents include knitting, likely with his go-to Helles Lager by his side. He’s ridden an elephant, been to over 20 college football stadiums, and finally gotten over his fear of dogs!


Aka Guardian of the Taps. Aka Hophead Haley. This IPA lover is one of the few Charlotte unicorns, and her love for the craft beer scene in her home state runs deep. Since earning her Cicerone Level I Certification, she has made it her duty to educate others on the nuances of craft beer — lesson 1: never (ever) drink from a frozen pint glass. Haley aspires to drive community at Town using local brew as a catalyst for connection. She brings her creative side to life outside the brewery as a yoga instructor, novice photographer, plant (and rock) enthusiast, and side hustler of jewelry and dreamcatchers. If you see someone rocking a handstand, turning an aerial, or dancing to the beat of her own drum inside the brewhouse, we’re happy to say you’ve just met Haley.  

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