• Exterior, patio space with seating
  • Seating area in foreground with brewery bar in the back

Town Brewing Co.

About us

The dream of Town Brewing Company began as four home brewers were holding court in a garage on a Saturday afternoon brew day. The creative juices were flowing, and then a voice broke through the sipping silence, “We should start a brewery.” “Hell yeah” echoed back. Heads nodded. Glasses rose. It was a scene that was happening in garages across the country in 2010 with the sweet smell of steaming malted barley fueling those effervescent dreams.

Fast forward to 2017 and those homebrewers made good on that dream, once again in a garage. In the Wesley Heights Neighborhood of Charlotte an old automotive garage gave home to Town. After a long rehab and countless hours planning Wesley Heights gained its first brewery.

Since then, Charlotte has seen a craft beer explosion. It has been such an overwhelming experience for us here at Town to be part of such a great movement. From Southend, Uptown, NoDa, Plaza Midwood, and all over the Metro Area we started making friends and customers.

Our little neighborhood has grown and so have we. Wesley Heights is now part of a larger submarket called Freemore West, and the West Side as a whole is booming! Our brewery now has statewide distribution in North Carolina and some in South Carolina. Its amazing how much happens when you’re just in a garage brewing beer.

So please stop by and check us out, or find somewhere Town is served in your area. Our biggest hope is that a 6-Pack from our garage one day makes it into yours.

Federico Feddy De La Torre IV

Head Brewer

Federico "Feddy" De La Torre IV

As Head Brewers go, we are so fortunate to have someone that not only we value so much, but that our entire community loves. Feddy has been in CLT beer stemming back to his days studying Engineering at The William States Lee College of Engineering at UNC Charlotte. With such a STEM background and love for craft brewing it could only be described as natural that Feddy would pursue a career as a Head Brewer. After Brewing around the area, Feddy came to us ready to lead! Notice the attention to detail on his brews, and definitely experience his love for the old school crispy IPA's. Thanks for all you do Feddy and for giving this community such great suds!